“The whole system of American Government rests on the ballot box.” ~ President Calvin Coolidge


Free and fair elections are at the core of a government by the people and for the people.

Kurt Bahr will make it his priority to obtain and provide accurate information at every stage of an election.

Some specific priorities are:

1. Accurate, Up-to-Date Voter Rolls

2. Accurate Voter Information: Kurt will keep voters informed about their polling location, their candidates, and their ballot issues.

3. Accurate, Accessible Voter Registration: Kurt will make sure everyone who can legally register to vote is able to do so easily and conveniently.

4. Accurate Ballots: Kurt Bahr will make sure all ballots are accurate and legally correct with regards to candidate names and ballot summaries for propositions.

5. Accurate Candidate Information: Kurt will make sure that candidates have accurate information about requirements to file and run for office, and he will publicize candidates and issues online as quickly and accessible as possible.

6. Accurate, Fast Election Results: Everyone needs to know the results of an election.  Kurt will report election results online as quickly as possible after the polls close, and he will work to make information about the results of past elections available in the most organized possible form.

The accuracy of voting information and the ease of accessing that information quickly and efficiently will be one of Kurt Bahr’s top priorities.


1. Ballot Security and Paper Ballots: Kurt Bahr believes that ballot security is as important today as at any time in our history.   While computers provide increased efficiency that is important to voters and candidates alike, having a backup of physical ballots is important to secure the votes of St. Charles County residents in the event of technical issues.  Kurt will protect the security of our electoral process by maintaining our paper ballots to ensure votes are verifiable.

2. School Security: Kurt is passionate about the safety and security of our children. One of his priorities will be to take polling places out of school buildings as much as possible, and making sure any schools that must be used as polling places are as secure as possible.

3. Security with Voter ID: Kurt will secure our elections by making sure that only eligible voters cast ballots. Representative Kurt Bahr helped pass and fund the Voter ID law of 2016.  As the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee that funds the state’s electoral process, Representative Bahr allotted the funds needed to educate the public about the Voter ID law as well as to provide photo IDs to any voters who need them. He will take this commitment into the Director of Elections office.



Trust in our electoral process means knowing that every ballot will be counted and recorded correctly.  The Election Authority must maintain its professional, impartial reputation of being fair to all parties who run for elected office.

1. Trustworthy Track Record: Kurt Bahr’s track record during 8 years in the Missouri House consistently shows him staying true to his Constitutional principles, even when doing so could hurt him politically.  If you want a Director whose character and integrity has been tested and proven faithful, Kurt Bahr is your candidate.

2. Transparency and Accountability: As Director, Kurt will facilitate open communication with the public.  He will keep our Election authority website updated in a timely manner and will make sure public records are easily accessible to the public.

3. Trustworthy Diplomacy to all parties: One of the jobs of the Director of Elections is to act as an ambassador, securing the use of polling places that are most convenient to the public as well as recruiting election judges from all eligible political parties.

4. Trustworthy Communication: The Director also must communicate and work with groups who put initiatives or elections on the ballot, making sure they understand and follow the law in regards to ballot requirements.  Kurt’s experience, background, diplomacy, and character make him the best-qualified candidate for this position.